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Case Studies

3 Conversational Case Studies With Over $10M in Results!

I’m going to show you 3 conversational marketing case studies generating over $10,000,000 (yes ten million) dollars in revenue generated using conversational marketing. There are 3 main ways we can do this and I’m going to show you 3 conversational marketing case studies:

  1. HVAC
  2. Real Estate
  3. Personal Injury Attorney

I’m showing you 3 very different industries for a reason: The principles used by our conversational marketing agency are based on huge amounts of data – they’re not niche or industry specific.

Just people specific.

Before we get into the studies lets talk about the types of conversational marketing most people are currently doing.

Most people think that conversational marketing is done through a chatbot with website visitors and that’s it. They’re missing out on leveraging the power of what conversational marketing selling can really do for them.

2 Conversational marketing ideas

So, how do you use conversational marketing?

Here are two ideas to get your juices flowing.

This first: Send a cold prospect and email of a white paper or case study first and then a few minutes later send a personal text and let them know that you e-mailed a white paper, and try to schedule a time to discuss!

The second: write own 4 pain points of your industry and ask friends in that industry which one resonates the most. Implement that into your strategy.

Now, onto the fun part…the money making part!

Conversational Marketing Case Studies: HVAC

First up is an HVAC client.

They came to us after they were sick and tired of getting to their leads too late and fed up with their auto-dialer response rate of only 20%.

Essentially, for everyone 100 leads they could only get 20 to respond. That’s just respond, even less actually scheduled.

Their leads were from and some mix of social media. Without changing their lead source and only installing our ai infinity loop follow up system, they closed more than 20% of their leads!

The campaign broke down like this.

Conversational Marketing Case Studies Hvac
1 of 3 conversational marketing case studies

Out of 396 leads, 64.9% responded (257), 55% of those scheduled a call (141) and they closed 60% of those (85) for a whopping $680,000.00 in deals in just 30 days!

The AI did all the work, it reached out, conversated with and scheduled these appointments automatically. They were able to focus on revenue generating tasks such as closing deals.

Conversational Marketing Case Studies: Personal Injury Attorney

The previous case study showed a company already had their own lead flow and could not get a response they desired from an auto-dialer.

In this next conversational marketing example I will cover how our conversational ai can go into a database you’ve already paid for and recoup your previous marketing spends.

This personal injury attorney paid $25,000 to have this crazy, over the top, automation campaign set up with…they ended up with several hundred leads in a database they couldn’t get a response from.

They came to us and asked us and asked for a conversational marketing strategy to use our ai automated follow up system to see if we could reactivate and recoup some cost from 363 leads. The results?

Conversational Marketing Case Studies Lawyer
conversational marketing case studies 2 of 3: Personal Injury attorney reactivation

They were able to schedule 189 of those leads to a free consultation and land $4,800,000 in cases in just 30 days!

Just another example of how using conversational marketing principles, multi-channel communication, and our infinity loop ai conversational flow can produce wild results for any type of business.

Their response rate from from 30% to 80% of which 65% scheduled and 30% of those were turned into cases.

Conversational Marketing Case Studies: Real Estate

For this last case study, we will show you a real estate example. This real estate company was using an auto-dialer and “top performer” and was only getting a response rate of about 40% from their leads.

They decided to give us a chance. Nothing else they tried could get the results they desired. After we installed our conversational marketing ai infinity loop, they saw a drastic change in all KPIs:

Conversational Marketing Case Studies Real Estate
Conversational marketing case studies 3 of 3

They got over an 85% response rate! Not only that they ended up selling over 536 properties. I don’t need to tell you the math on that, just do 536 times the amount homes sell for…that’s a lot of revenue!

They didn’t do anything different but use our conversational ai and let the machine learning do the tedious grunt work of following up.

They focused on their leads, appointments, and selling. The ai focused on persistent, and polite follow up. That’s only 3 conversational marketing studies out of 100’s we could line up.

There are many other industries we use our automated follow up system in, we’re not just limited to those industries, here are some more below:

  1. Mortgage
  2. Gyms
  3. Dentist
  4. Roofing
  5. Solar
  6. Insurance
  7. Stem Cell
  8. Luxury Real Estate
  9. Buyers, Sellers
  10. Interior Design
  11. Legal

We focus on industries that have a premium cost and work with premium clients within those industries.

If we’ve never worked in your industry it just means it will take a little bit longer to get you to a 99% automated follow up system with conversational marketing engine.

We’re not for everybody! We are cheap and that’s for very good reason…our agency is a full white glove service! We work with your team hand in hand for about 30 days to get you up, optimized and running!

Is our conversational marketing agency the right one for you?

We take a deep dive into your business to find your unique voice and value. You will work with a professional copywriter, account manager, and ai specialist in order to create, design, deploy, and optimize your campaign.

The other guys just give you some canned messaging, a software they call ai (it’s usually outsourced) and whish you luck. As you can see in our conversational marketing case studies, we took a personal approach!

Here is our agency’s onboarding process:

Conversational Marketing Agency White Glove Treatment
Conversational marketing agency white glove service takes about 30 days till 99% automated follow up system is in place

As you can see, we aren’t just giving you access to some software and wishing you luck! We have a full scope of conversational marketing services we can offer to you.

What are the pros and cons of conversational marketing?

I think I’ve covered plenty of the pros, let’s look at some cons. One con I can think of that comes to mind is conversational marketing is very tedious work. You need to have personalized conversations with each of your propsects.

If you’re doing this for cold prospecting, when most people are trying to mass dial, and speak to as many people as possible…

You won’t have the time to have conversations with each and everyone of them. You need a quick way to validate the lead, qualify the lead needs what you have, and schedule a call while being personable.

That’s the beauty in our ai automated follow up system, it’s an ai copy of you! It allows you to have conversations in your unique voice and tone on your behalf.

It’s mimicking your voice, learning how your prospects answer, and scheduling calls directly to your calendar 24 hours a day 7 days a week…it’s literally your new assistant. Except it will never call in sick, be late, go off script, and it will never need a lunch break.

Why is conversational marketing effective?

The reason our conversational marketing agency is so effective is we base our strategy around data and it’s derived principles:

  1. Use short concise messages
  2. Speak to the awareness of your prospects conversational journey by how aware or not aware of their problem and needing a solution (the image below shows you that journey)
  3. The channel used in messaging has a better time of day than others (example email is read more in evening and sms in the am)
  4. Get to new leads in under 5 minutes (80% drop off if you don’t)
  5. Have an automated follow up system that will contact your prospect 12-23 times (average consumer needs that many to make a purchase)
Conversational Marketing Journey Of Prospect
The more unaware they are of their problem/solution the more indirect or direct you need to be, this is where conversational marketing platform becomes really important. Sending the right message at the right time.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 conversational marketing case studies and If you’re interested in a quick discovery call to see if our agency can help you, please submit your information or give us a call!

Why is conversational marketing effective?

Conversational Ai Funnel

Your customers or prospects feel like they are being talked with and not talked at. Think about when you know a chatbot is messaging vs. a real person. Are you more likely to respond when being talked at?

Are there conversational marketing case studies I can look at?

Conversational Marketing Huge Return On Investment

Yes! Our case studies page at 3Finity has 3 examples of conversational marketing case studies. You can visit that page at We show over $10M in results from just 3 case studies plus all of our testimonials!

How do you use conversational marketing?

Conversational Ai Assistant Schedules Call

You use conversational marketing in all of your communications with leads and prospects. It’s strongly advised you use it across as many channels as possible. Such as phone, email, chatbot, Facebook chat, SMS, voicemail, and your helpdesk.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these conversational marketing case studies, make sure you get in touch if you have a high ticket offer and want to ramp up and create predictable growth!