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How Conversational AI Companies 2x Profit Fast

Conversational Ai Funnel

If you ask me, everyone is focused on conversational ai the wrong way. The smart conversational ai companies, like us, have figured out how to bridge the gap between the funnel and the phone call using

Conversational AI Companies Are Too Focused on Chatbots

There’s so many more applications to conversational ai than just chatbots. Take our conversational marketing agency for example:

We use conversational ai and natural language processing (NLP) to replace auto dialers, appointment setters, and assistants that usually schedule calls for the sales team.

Listen to one of our client’s and his excitement as he reads back the conversation our ai learned to have (scheduling his calls automatically for him)

Listen closely to this conversation, and then I’ll also show you more like it….

Conversational AI Communication Platform Client

Conversational AI Companies Aren’t Focused On Using The Technology The Way We Are

I think the only other company that I can tell is focused on the personalization aspect of ai is Ada.CX and not the “upgraded automation” that is still speaking at their customers/prospects and not speaking with them.

As far as I can see, we’re still the only ones who use it for outbound cold prospecting that have a measured set of KPIs...

We can tell a prospect:

If you have X – then the worst we’re going to get is Y. That’s a powerful thing to be able to say, show, and stand behind.

Conversational ai companies can’t say that, can they? Are we the only ones?

If you came to me and told me you had 9,000 leads in a database but you couldn’t get them to respond…

I’d tell you that’s a great problem to have.

If 80% of that list is accurate and you have a proven offer I know that I can get at least 30% to respond. Since you have a proven offer, we will get 20% of the 30% interested at the very least…and 10% of those to schedule a call.

That’s 180 calls, at the very least.

You close your $5,000 offer at 20% that’s over a quarter million in reactivation revenue.

Conversational ai companies can’t offer this like we can. The ai does the grunt work too, nothing like finding 180 phone calls?

Can top conversational ai platforms promise you benchmarks like this?

More than likely they can’t. Most people are happy with setting up with sap conversational ai and setting up a chatbot to talk to website visitors.

We wanted to fill the gap between the funnel and the phone for high ticket sales professionals. That’s what we’ve accomplished.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade. I’ve innovated several things people still do today, but I am here to tell you that there is nothing I’ve done that’s more fun than this right here.

What other conversational ai companies do you know that is doing anything like this:

The 2022 version of “cold calling” – Let the AI Assistant take it on the chin.

What is an example of conversational AI?

One example that comes to mind, and most examples that come to mind is how enterprises are using conversational AI and NLP to create awesome customer service experiences.

Clinc is one of the first conversational ai companies that comes to mind when I think of this example.

There is nothing wrong with that, but the question we’re asking is this…what’s the matter with creating an awesome buyer’s experience?

Why are people only wanting to create the amazing experience once the human is a customer?

Why aren’t more conversational ai companies focused on the buyers experience?

Perhaps, this is why I feel like we have the best conversational ai platform…and maybe this is why we have 90% show rates from our leads scheduled with our AI Assistant?

And look, this isn’t to take away from the awesome work other public conversational ai companies are doing …companies like gartner magic quadrant conversational ai.

This is what we’ve noticed on the sales side: We focus on speaking with our prospects using conversational ai, not speaking at our prospects with an ai chat bot.

Maybe that’s why I can show you 3 conversational ai case studies that generated over $10,000,00 in sales?

Conversational AI companies need to team up from sales, marketing, and customer service

Imagine how awesome of an experience humans could have with AI assisting us along the way…it’s crazy to think where we can be as a species in the next 5 years.

Isn’t it?

If you have a premium or high ticket product or service and you need our conversational AI to assist your customer’s journey…just let me know!

For now, I think we can all agree that AI can change the way we do business and all conversational ai companies need to work together.

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