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It’s Not About Us

Conversational Marketing Agency | Ai Automated Follow Up System

It’s about what we can do for you

We’re a team of sales professionals that saw a huge gap between the “funnel” and the phone call.

We knew our close ratio was high. We were doing very …very well revenue wise.

But we wondered…if we can convert even more leads by having more conversations, how much more could we make? 

The answer was ALOT.

hen triple your response rate, double schedule rate, you will increase revenue by 500%.

Think about, let’s say you net $5,000 per deal.

Typical response rates people see is 25%

200 leads x 20% response x 30% scheduled  x 15% close = 1.8 deals x $5,000 per deal = $9,000

Now let’s share some very real increases in response and scheduling rates…

20% response rate increased to 65%

32% schedule rate increased to 55%

15% close rate should increase but let’s keep it the same

200 leads x 65% response rate x 55% schedule rate x 15% = 10.7 deals x $5,000 per deal is $53,625 instead of $9,000.

That’s nearly 600% increase in revenue and we see this daily.

Super Efficient

Conversational AI creates a better better customer journey, we speak with …not at.

Deeply Commited

We love the success of our clients and love seeing their trust in us rewarded with winning

Highly Skilled

Decades of experiences, with unique lens and perspectives…the perfect storm for success.